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Alkaline Mineral Water Dispenser BMP 1000 Hot and Cool

Alkaline Mineral Water Dispenser BMP 1000 Hot and Cool


BMP 1000 Overview

Alkaline Mineral Water Dispenser BMP 1000 generates mineral water by passing the water through coral sands and mineral sands.  This process adds calcium, magnesium etc, and over 20 other minerals, vital for human health.  Also, the filter is an ion exchange process which removes harmful contaminants from the water.

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Product Image Automatic $1,495.00
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Best Water Dispenser in the market.

Alkaline Water Dispenser Mineral Pot BMP 1000
Alkaline Mineral Water Dispenser BMP 1000 generates mineral water by passing the water through coral sands and mineral sands.  This process adds calcium, magnesium etc, and over 20 other minerals, vital for human health.  Also, the filter is an ion exchange process which removes harmful contaminants from the water.

Water is an organic nutritious mineral.  All of its elements play roles in the human body such as forming tissue and controlling functions. Minerals dissolved in water (calcium, magnesium etc) are very important to humans.

Excellent water filtering function
Our Alkaline Mineral Water Dispenser removes pollutants gradationally while passing through the multi-level complex filter.

Magnetised water for your health
Thousands of multipolar magnets are in the magnetised water.  These supply living energy deep into the water cell affinity.

Always fresh water even during storage
With the sub mineral cartridge using Somelite, the propagation of bacteria is suppressed in the water dispenser while keeping the water fresh. This means that live water is always supplied.

What is Somelite?

Somelite is a bacteriostatic agent. It is made by plating silver into coral sand and prevents bacterial propagation, solving one of the biggest problems for a water dispenser.

Water Dispenser warning video

Our Alkaline Mineral Water Dispenser avoids potential sanitisation issues for a water dispenser.


Alkaline Mineral Water Dispenser BMP 1000 Specifications

Spec 340 x 1490 mm
Weight 30.5 kgs
Reservoir 12 lites (glass)
Voltage/Frequency AC220V/60Hz

Interval for Alkaline Water Dispenser Filter Change


Filter function Change time
Sediment Filter x 2 12 months
1st Stage Carbon Filter x 2 12 months
2nd Stage Carbon Filter x 2 12 months
Membrane Filter x 1 2 years
Upper Filter x 1 2 years
Main Filter x 1 2 years
Sub Cartridge x1 2 years
Bio Ceramic x1 semi permanent
Somelite Diskette x1 semi permanent


Filter function Change time
UV Light x 2 12 months


Filter function Change time
Cotton Pad 80pcs
1st Stage Filter 6pcs (6months)
2nd Stage Filter 1pcs (36months)
Mineral Main (3rd stage) filter 1pcs (36months)
Bio Ceramic 1pc (Semi-permanent)
Alkalite diskette 1pc (Semi-permanent)
Sub Mineral Cartridge 1pc (36months)

Powerful Filter

Removes impurities

Waters filters significantly reduce chemicals, heavy metals and bacteria from tap water.

Water quality tests show that Waters filters remove up to 99.9% of chlorine - a harsh, unpleasant tasting toxic chemical used to disinfect bacteria in municipal tap water.

Remains Fresh

Clean water, every time

Water remains fresh even during storage.

To help remove and prevent the propagation of harmful bacteria the Waters filters contain long lasting silver-activated coconut shell carbon, magnets, bio ceramics and Somelite™ coral sand.

The result? Cleaner, healthier, great tasting drinking water for you or your family’s hydration needs.
Pets too.

Mineral Water

Supplies trace elements

The Somelite™ coral sand re-mineralises water, working together with bio ceramics to enrich water with around 60 essential sea based minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.

A mineral-deficient diet can contribute to significant health problems, causing mental and physical symptoms that affect everyday behaviour.

A good source of mineral-rich hydration, together with proper nutrition, can give the body minerals it needs to stay in good health.

Ionised Water

Introduces negative ions

Beneficial negative ions abound in Nature in good quality air and some naturally occurring minerals.

The minerals in the Waters filters significantly reduce the positive ion count of the tap water filtered through its filter medium.

Our patented Bio ceramics, which emit a far-infrared energy into the water creating negative ions which increase the energetic nature of the water giving it life & creating a clean fresh taste.

Also helps to reduce the water molecule size to help you hydrate faster & reduce acidic build up in our cells.

It’s an Alkaliser

Alkaline water neutralises acidity


Stress and over consumption of processed, acidic foods and drinks disturb the blood's natural alkaline balance of pH 7.4.

This balance is critical to preserving good health and immunity as degenerative disease thrives in an acidic environment.

The Waterman minerals produce an alkaline pH of around 8.5 – 9.5 to the filtered water.

This aids your body in neutralising the acidic build up from our lifestyles & diets & helps to restore optimum functionality to major organs & immune system while noticeably increasing energy & concentration.

It efficiently delivers fresh, easy-to-drink alkaline water, wherever you are.
It is lightweight and easy to take it with you so that you never need to go thirsty or drink acidic drinks again (Teas, coffee, soft drinks & most bottled water).

The taste is excellent, clean & crisp as water should be!

It’s Magnetised!

Restores water's natural structure

Waters filters contain special magnets, which restore waters natural hexagonal cell structure giving a reduced cluster size & surface tension.

This enables the water to penetrate into your cells faster & with greater ease thus increasing your rate of hydration.

De-oxidised water

Combats cellular damage

The ORP (Oxidation reduction potential) value of the mineral water from the Waters Bio Mineral Pots is very close to the structure of the water in a living cell.

Giving this water a greater cellular affinity for hydration & helps to combat cellular & DNA damage from acidic lifestyles.

No Leeching

BPA Free and no leeching

Once the water has been filtered it is of critical importance that it is kept in a vessel that will not contaminate it.

Waters Co use a number of different reservoir technologies as appropriate to each products purpose. Most importantly they are BPA (Bisphenol A) free an non leeching. Below is a list of the types of reservoirs used and which models they are designated to.

Bio Ceramic Reservoir. Auto plumbed in

WATERS Bio Ceramic Jade (Thousand-Years-Fountain-water-purifier) is world’s only water purifier made from ceramic. Ceramic is made from a mixture of various metals and non-metal elements that have the potential of generating Ki (Otherwise known as Chi or life energy). The ceramic substance is treated (Kiln fired) at a temperature of over 900?-1300? polished, retreated to the same temperatures and polished again. As mentioned previously, in ceramic, Ki is generated, which is absorbed and stored in water. Drinking water is thus synonymous to drinking Ki. Furthermore, the far infrared ray is also transmitted.

Glass Reservoir. 5,10 litre and H&C model

Unlike many competitor products, which use a plasic or perspex reservoir in bench top & commercial filters. Our bench top range BMP 400 (5 litre), BMP 1000 (10 litre) and Commercial BMP H&C Floor Standing all use hand blown blue glass reserviors.

Glass is a much better medium for storing water:

  • More natural than Plastics & Perspex
  • Helps to maintain a lower ambient temperature in warmer climates.
  • Non Porous
  • Does not harbour bacteria & viruses
  • Easier to clean
  • Not affected by detergents & cleaning products
  • Provides UV filtration from sunlight
  • Aesthetically more attractive

Perspex Reservoir. 1.5 litre jug

The 1.5 litre BMP Ace jug is made from Perspex which has glass like qualities without the fragility of glass. Perspex is BPA free, hard wearing, resistent to heat & detergents.

PET 1 & Tritan. Waterman Portable

All Waterman units produced prior to Oct 2012 have a PET1 reservior which is a food grade plastic and is certified BPA free.

Waterman Units produced Post Oct 2012 have a reservior made using Triton, which is harder wearing, more resistent to heat, detergents and most importantly is still BPA free.

Notes on the PET Bottle

The PET bottle itself poses no danger when refilled. PET is an inert plastic and does not leach harmful materials into its contents — either when a beverage is stored unopened, or when bottles are refilled or frozen. The PET container has been safely used for 20 years and has undergone rigorous testing under FDA guidelines to ensure its safety as a food and beverage container suitable for storage and reuse.

Any opened bottles can harbour bacteria, however, as will mugs, glasses or any other beverage container. PET bottles are no more likely to foster bacteria than any other packaging or drink container. Ideally, all drinking containers — including PET bottles — should be washed with hot, soapy water and dried thoroughly prior to reuse.

There are no dangers inherent in the freezing of PET bottles, and absolutely no truth to the internet-circulated rumours that dioxins are leached from frozen PET bottles into bottle contents.

Dioxin is a chlorine-containing chemical that has no role or presence in the chemistry of PET plastic. Furthermore, dioxins are part of a family of chemical compounds formed only by combustion at temperatures well above 700 degrees Fahrenheit — not at room temperature or below.

PET packaging is selected by companies because it is safe, recyclable, convenient and suitable for food and beverage. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reviewed migration testing data and concluded the PET containers do not leach harmful contents under foreseeable conditions of use.

The idea that PET bottles “leach” chemicals when heated in hot cars is not based on any science, and is unsubstantiated by any credible evidence. This allegation has been perpetuated by emails until it has become an urban legend, but it just isn’t so.

There is no connection between PET plastic and Bis-phenol A. Bis-phenol A is not used in the production of PET material, nor is it used as a chemical building block for any of the materials used in the manufacture of PET. Bis-phenol A is used to make polycarbonate, a different plastic from PET.

“Phthalates” (pronounced THA-lates) are a class of chemicals that include three subsets, each with different properties. PET or polyethylene terephthalate belongs to one of these phthalate subsets, but not the one most commonly associated with the term.

Orthophthalate is the phthalate subset most commonly referenced and discussed in popular literature and on internet sites; it has been the subject of some negative press. Often used to make various plastics more flexible, this type of phthalate is also called a plasticizer. PET does not contain plasticizers or orthophthalates. Plasticizers are never substituted for terephthalates used in the manufacturer of PET, nor are the two ever mixed.

PET packaging is selected by companies for a wide variety of product applications because it is safe, strong, shatter-proof, and recyclable. Antimony is often used as a catalyst in the production of PET plastic. Catalysts speed chemical reactions and are commonly used in manufacturing to ensure that a process happens fast enough to make it commercially practical.
Antimony was chosen based on its performance against various selection criteria, including effectiveness as a catalyst; productivity; safety, few, if any, adverse effects; and an acceptable overall cost. Antimony, used in PET as the oxide of antimony, has been used and researched for decades. Metallic antimony is not used.

In the science of toxic effects (toxicology), two key factors are used to determine a hazard: 1) How dangerous is the material?, and 2) How much of the material is released? A 1997 study showed that antimony oxide has very low toxicity.1 The compound is relatively inert and does not participate in biological life. As for how much antimony oxide is released from PET, long-term studies indicate that it’s very little. A report by the International Life Sciences Institute showed “less than five parts per billion” being released into liquid contents.2 This is compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Primary Drinking Water Standard.

Multiplied together, antimony oxide’s very low toxicity combined with very low occurrence means very, very low risk. Its use in PET does not endanger workers, consumers, or the environment.

Comparison Chart

Waters Bottled Mineral Water Tap Water Other Natural Gravity Purifiers R/O Type Filters
Contaminants Removal          
Reduced Water          
Small Water Cluster          
Negative Ions          
Organic Germanium          
Alkaline Water   -      

Science & Testing

Waters Co Ltd operate a full time research centre where some of the worlds leading scientists in their respective fields examine water quality issues to ensure our commitment to you in making the best quality drinking water for your continued health.

Our products are a culmination of the equivalent of hundreds of years of scientific research, combined with ancient wisdom and nature's timeless principles.

Awards & Certificates

No manufacturer of water filters has won as many awards for quality or as many high level endorsements & associations as Waters Co Ltd. Our products have been stringently tested resulting in a number of certifications & quality awards from internationally recognised bodies including:

  • International Star Quality Awards (Geneva, Switzerland, Spain)
  • KQA (Korea Quality Assurance)
  • World Quality Commitment Award
  • International Gold Star For Quality Award
  • 17th & 18th International Trophy For Quality (Paris)
  • Most Environmentally Conservative Company (Korea Ministry of Environment)
  • CE (Conformite European)
  • NSF International (International standards testing of Water filtration products)
  • USA FDA (Food & Drug Administration)
  • Water Quality Association
  • USA EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Seoul Olympic Scientific Congress 1988
  • SEA Games XV Kuala Lumpur1989
  • 6th Asian veteran Athletic Championships 1990 Brunei
  • Independence Games 199011th Asian Games Beijing 1990
  • 11th World basketball Championships for Women 1990
  • 3rd Malaysia Games(SUKMA) in 1990, 1992, 1994, and 1996
  • 10th Asian Table Tennis Cham-pionships 1990
  • E.P.A Registration No 59063-KR-001
  • 1st Tasa Inter-national Games Bangkok 1992
  • 9th Asian Track Championships Kuala Lumpur
  • World Corporate Games Kuala Lumpur 1993
  • ISO 9001:14001 Certification


This means you can be confident that your investment will meet your level of expectations, every time.



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