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Bio 400 (Glass)

Bio 400 (Glass)


Bio Mineral Pot 400 Overview
  • Removes up to 99.9% of fluoride
  • 5.25 litre hand blown blue glass reservoir.
  • Chrome tap outlet.
  • Includes filter kit for up to 3 years life span based on 8 litres per day.



BMP 400 is the latest evolution in our 32 years of producing dome bench top filter systems. BMP 400 can now remove up to 99.9% of fluoride (unequalled in our industry) after years of exhaustive research by our scientists. With a 5.25 litre hand blown blue glass reservoir that we’re famous for and a chrome tap outlet. Once again Waters Co have set the new benchmark for other filter systems and filter companies to follow!

Includes filter kit for up to 3 years life span based on 8 litres per day. 


Purifying Type Natural Filter
Spec 233 (w) X 385 (h) mm
Weight 4.2kg
Power No electricity
Reservoir 5.25 litre (glass)
Capacity / day 8 litre
Capacity / year 4000 litres

Interval for filter change

Filter Function Change Time
Cotton Pad 80 pieces 14 days
Upper filter 6 pieces 6 months
Mineral Main filter 2 pieces 18 months
Bio Ceramic 1 piece semi-permanent
Alkalite diskette 1 piece semi-permanent
Sub Mineral Cartridge 1 piece 3 years

Detailed View of the BMP 400

Water Cooler Warning Video

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Features and Benefits Summary

It re-mineralises and ionises ordinary tap water while filtering out chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, fluoride & bacteria. 5.25 Litre reservoir capacity makes it ideal for domestic & light commercial use.

13 stages of sterilising, filtration & activation, multi stage cartridges contain:

  • Sub micron prefilters
  • Silver ionised activated coconut shell carbon,
  • Ion exchange cation resin for 99.9% Fluoride removal
  • Bio organic coral mineral sands
  • Silica sands
  • Far infrared ceramics
  • Bio ceramic Somelite™
  • Magnets and other patented filter medium.
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