Filter Technology Overview

waters purifying systemWaters Co Ltd operate a full time research centre where some of the worlds leading scientists in their respective fields examine water quality issues, to not only address an ever growing number of contaminants found in our drinking water but also to ensure our commitment to you in making the best quality drinking water for your continued health. Our products are a culmination of the equivalent of hundreds of years of scientific research, combined with ancient wisdom and natures timeless principles.

As well as being the first to market with water filter systems of this kind, for over 30 years we have continued to break ground with world first filtration technologies incorporated into our systems including, bio ceramics, Somelite ™, Jade stone, organic Germanium and more.

First & foremost our priority is to produce water filter systems that will turn contaminated tap water into refreshing, clean, sterilised drinking water with all the mineral nutrients as nature intended. It is one thing to effectively remove potentially harmful contaminants from the water, however we don’t just stop there! Our filter systems are designed to re-introduce natural trace minerals beneficial to health and creating living energetic water that offers the highest level of hydration!

With the highest regard to the environment renewable resources are used wherever possible. We minimise the use artificial components and do not require require electricity to create alkaline mineral water (Unlike ionizer systems). This is achieved using nature’s principles by the addition of natural alkalising mineral ions. All our products use glass or safe non-chemical & hormone leeching, BPA free materials.

Our research looks into how water can help to deliver optimum health and longevity, free from chronic and degenerative diseases, common in modern society due to stress on our bodies (Typically from diet and lifestyle).

On These pages we explain the various filtration mediums used, why we use them & most importantly the benefits they offer.

.5 Micron Pre-filter

Inline (plumbed in) & bench top filter systems suffer a common problem that is a shortened lifespan due to removing heavy contaminants. Carbon & sediment filters quickly clog up when removing various organic & inorganic particles larger than .5 microns typically such things as: dirt, rust, sediment, bacteria & viruses.

By incorporating a specially sourced polyethylene .5 micron replaceable pre-filter pads as a first stage in our Mineral Pot systems we can safely remove these contaminants & extend the life of subesquent carbon stages.

Activated coconut shell silver carbon filteractivated-carbon

Activated coconut carbon used in our filters is an NSF certified filtration media used to filter out impurities by absorption including:

  • Bad taste
  • Odours
  • Chlorine
  • Chemicals
  • THMs
  • Pesticides
  • Organic & inorganic compounds.
  • Bacteria & viruses

Activated Carbon Production Process

Typically, the skin of a coconut is burnt at 450° – 500° C after which its carbohydrates are treated with steam at 1000° – 1200° C. evaporating all substances that could possibly be evaporated at this temperature, this process is called activation. When this process is complete, results in highly porous charcoals that have surface areas of 300-2,000 square metres per gram making this into a very adhesive material called activated carbon. The activated carbon adheres through a capillary phenomenon. That is to say that adhesion occurs through contact between the carbon and organic substances. In the Mineral Pot purifier, silver is attached that emits a minute amount of activated silver, which flows out, suppressing the propagation of microorganisms.

Natural Resin for Removal of Fluoride & Nitrate

resinWaters Co Mineral Pot filters have been offering Fluoride removal to Australian consumers for 30 years. As a result of growing demand for filters effective in the reduction of fluoride, we have continued to research various methods and filtration technologies and are now offering up to 99.99% removal in our filter systems (In testing our results show 100% removal).

We have avoided using activated alumina commonly used in cheaper water filtration systems quoting 90 plus % removal, due to inconsistant results (specifically related to contact time & water pH), limited life cycle and reintroduction of alumina to drinking water as this is potentially swapping one neurotoxin for another.

Another method commonly used in under sink systems is reverse osmosis that we believe is an ecologically unsound method and also displays inconsistent quality results.

Instead of these technologies and keeping in line with our commitment to using natural compounds and methods we utilise a special kelp resin (ion exchange) sourced from Germany, which is used in the Waters Co filter stages, specifically for the reduction of Fluoride, nitrate & other compounds difficult to remove. This is the preferred method according to FAN (Fluoride Action Network).

If you’re not sure about the need to remove Fluoride from your tap water because of the debate about its dental benefits here are some resources that might make you rethink your position.

The Life Aquatic

Coral reefs are some of the natural wonders of the world, with crystal clear waters and an abundance of sea life. The cleansing properties of coral help to maintain a self surportive habitat and an ideal nutrient rich environment for all forms of life. Coral naturally contains almost every mineral found in the body and unlike most mineral supplements; coral minerals are organic in nature being bio-available and are readily absorbed into our cells.

As the water passes through the Coral & Silica stages it becomes ionised with the trace minerals which make up the coral and silica, thus turning tap water into nutrient rich and great tasting mineral water as found in some of the world great natural spring water sources.

Role of Minerals in Health

Minerals help make up the basic foundation of health. The soil in which many of our foods are grown have become depleted of minerals, through unsustainable farming practices thus, our foods and our bodies have become mineral deficient. When the right minerals are supplied in an organic absorbable form, health can improve.

Balance is everything! Our body’s chemistry is a remarkable web of mineral interconnections. If we think of it as a recipe for healthy body fluids, then each ingredient must be present in the correct proportion. For example, if one mineral’s role is to inhibit the bio-chemical activity of a partner mineral, it must be present in the necessary volume. This “mineral interference” is critical to maintaining bio-chemical balance in the body’s cells and tissues.

From our bones to the multitude of enzymatic activities within and without our cells, minerals are the key that opens the door to optimum health. This is accomplished by supplying the body with missing minerals that have crucial roles to play and by bringing overall mineral levels up, thereby raising the pH of body fluids and tissues back to their natural healthy levels. A high pH (alkaline) is important because most disease thrives in a low pH (acidic).

Coral Source and Processing

One of the most mineral rich sources of coral in the world comes from the Island of Okinawa off the coast of Japan. Okinawan’s have one of the highest life expectancies of any population and research shows that one of the main contributing factors is the natural nutrient rich mineral water from their subterranean springs. For decades the coral and silica sands sourced from the reefs off the coast of Okinawa have been harvested and used in some of the highest quality nutritional supplements predominantly of calcium and magnesium.

In the processing of the coral for the Mineral Pot filters the coral sands are taken and crushed into find sands. Secondly they are ground to even sizes before being activated to remove any unwanted residues and increase the surface area greater absorption. When seen through a microscope activated coral sands reveal minute pores all around its surface thereby multiplying its surface area several times. The coral performs several functions in the mineral pot filters in that they both remove contaminants reducing heavy metals and remineralising the water. Some of the coral sands are additionally plated with silver to prevent bacteria propagation.

Silica Stage

The average adult human body holds roughly seven grams of silica, a quantity far exceeding the numbers for many other key minerals such as iron. Both iron and silica are body essential, meaning they are necessary for carrying our ongoing metabolic processes that are vital to life, therefore these elements must be continuously supplied. With silica, strength and life, which often vanish as the years accumulate, can be naturally sustained or even restored to your skin.

As we age, the source of silica in our bodies becomes exhausted, resulting in wrinkles, dry skin, dull lifeless hair, and brittle nails and bones. Maintaining collagen underneath the skin augments elasticity and beauty. Collagen owes that attribute to Silica, which provides a beautiful complexion that is more than skin deep. Silica has been regarded as nature’s building block and is our answer to healthier, younger looking, more radiant skin, hair and nails. It is a universal element in the human body that can be found free and soluble in water or combined with proteins and lipids, and has an exact relationship to mineral absorption. Its most important purpose is of immune nature, because the Silica partakes in the manufacturing process of antibodies/antigens and it encourages the conversion of LB (Lymphocyte B) into LT (Lymphocyte T).

Silica Supplementation for Healthy Bones

Osteoporosis is an indicator of the aging process. As the calcium in our body structure leeches, our bones become brittle and weak. Using only a calcium supplement cannot remedy or stop this threatening and crippling disease because the body cannot absorb and make use of the calcium without the presence of Silica. Data suggests that, instead of affecting healing, supplemental mineral calcium, in contrast, speeds up the leeching away of bone calcium and thus accelerates the degenerative process of osteoporosis and similar diseases that affect the connective tissues in the human body.

In the case of osteoporosis, Silica can alleviate the pain and may restore the body’s self repair process. Osteoporosis indicators attack women primarily after menopause, but the deterioration process starts much earlier in their younger days. Countless women are dying of fractures caused by osteoporosis compared with cancer of the breast, cervix and uterus combined.

It is important to know that in osteoporosis, thinning of the bones takes place due to the insufficient manufacturing of the surrounding protein medium in which calcium salts first deposit. An insufficient amount of calcium in the bone matrix causes an enlargement of canals and spaces in the bones, giving the bones a porous, thinned look. The weakened bone develops into a fragile state and can be broken by a minor injury. The bones may even fracture from ordinary pressure or stress. For objectives of re-mineralization in damaged bones, it is advised that a sufficient Silica supplement be taken daily. Bones are composed of mainly phosphorus, magnesium and calcium, but they also include Silica. Silica deposits minerals into the bones, especially calcium. It hastens the healing of fractures and also diminishes scarring at the location of a fracture. A good deal of research evidence indicates that through a transmutation process, Silica is turned into calcium when it is needed. It is for that reason that some scientists mention Silica as a precursor to calcium. Even when calcium is insufficient, the body can turn Silica into calcium that the bones need.

Silica as a Source of Youth

Tissue deterioration accelerates due to aging when connective tissue cultivates an increasing inability to hold on to moisture when left without help. Connective tissue consists of collagen, elastin, mucopolysaccharides, and mucous carbohydrates which aid in moisture retention. Their capacity to hold on to moisture keeps the connective tissue resilient and has apparent importance in the prevention of premature aging. All these valuable molecules house large quantities of Silica. Collagen, mainly made up of Silica, is the “glue” that holds us together. If our body has enough silica glucosaminoglycane, the collagen will make us look younger. The skin is the largest organ in the body and, along with hair and nails, forms the living cover that shows on the outside how well we are within. The presence of silica in our bodies can maintain the luster in our hair, the strength in our nails and the tone of our skin.

Silica for detoxification

Scientists and researchers have long hypothesized that Alzheimer’s disease is linked to a build up of aluminum in the brain and links between aluminum in drinking water supplies and Alzheimer’s have now been ascertained. A factor that is overlooked is that silica reduces the accumulation of aluminum. When researchers added silica to aluminum-laced water supplies, it inhibited the aluminum from being absorbed. It also caused a proliferation in the excretion of aluminum in urine and lowered aluminum concentrations in the brain, liver, bone, spleen and kidneys.

Silica is one of those elements whose catalog of benefits just keeps mounting as time passes. Silica is the second most common element on earth, after oxygen. In its crystalline form, silicon (or quartz), is the most plentiful element in the earth’s crust. When obtained from plant life, it is called Silica. Silica is crucial in bones, tendons, skin, cartilage and blood vessels. Silica is even located in blood itself, and in such important organs as the liver, heart and lungs. Silica is one of the most abundant minerals on the planet, but there are very few foods that contain an adequate amount to supply our body’s needs. Silica is easily absorbed and is also rapidly excreted, so consistent daily supplementation is required. Because silica is water soluble, it does not accumulate in the body. Studies have not found any negative side effects from too much Silica.

Organic Germanium

The water produced by our Bio Mineral Pot purifiers have 40 – 50 ppb of organic germanium. Waters Co are the first company in the world to have incorporated Organic Germanium in functional water filtration systems.

There are up to 1000 published theses (Thesis) from scientists all around the world on the benefits of germanium in clinical trials. Almost all of these have examined germanium’s exceptional cancer preventative property; its strengths in the area of treatment and prevention of many adult diseases and with solid evidence acknowledging germanium as a new medicinal substance that could treat many terminal illnesses. (References to Korea Germanium Association and Bio-Germanium and others; Germanium by Dr. Goodman; Dr. Asai’ Book).

Reported medicinal effects of organic germanium:

  • Consumption of germanium accelerates the provision of oxygen inside the body.
  • Strengthens the immune system. The immune cell, NK (Natural Killer) cell and macrophage, and the T cell are activates. It is effective in preventing cancer. Germanium robs the cancerous cells of electrons, lowering their electric potential. It has been reported that when impurities enter our body, germanium automatically releases interferon and macrophage to protect again these impurities, generating 20~30 times what the body would naturally generate on its own. It is extremely effective in fighting cancer cells.
  • Gets rid of waste in the blood vessels and automatically adjusts the blood pressure.
  • Capable of decomposing cholesterol and purifying the blood.
  • Adjusts hormone secretion.
  • Has an antacid effect.Has a vaccine effect.
  • Has a pain-relieving effect.
  • Helps to generate hexagonal water. The human body is an electrical hypersonic corpuscle cluster, and therefore every part has a preconfigured electrical potential. The deformation of the electrical potential of any of these parts will bring about illness. Excessive accumulation of electrical potential can result in pain.
  • If semiconductors penetrate into these regions, the electricity is discharged and that in turn relieves pain.
  • Helps to absorb calcium and zinc.
  • Semiconductor property of organic germanium.    It has even been reported that an injection of 5,000 mg/kg organic germanium is safe. The fact that germanium is a semiconductor is also beneficial physiologically. The blood and other cells have a semiconductor property, but semiconductors cannot coexist considering their electron property. Therefore, there is no concern of germanium accumulation in the body, and there are no side effects with regards to long-term use because the germanium gets discharged. Within 20 hours, it is discharged in urine through the kidneys. So unlike other medications, it does not stay for long in the body (Ref. Asai’s book; Germanium written by Goodman).

What is Germanium?

Germanium (Ge) is element number 32, and its atomic weight is 72.59. The German scientist Clemens Winkler, who named the element after his home country, Germany, discovered germanium in 1886. Initially it was merely known as an element with certain amount of toxicity, but after 1948, when Dr. J. Bardeen and Dr. W. Shockley at Bell Telephone Lab, USA, discovered that the element germanium has semiconductor properties, there were many rapid developments. In 1956 they were awarded the Nobel Prize for this work. Dr. K. Asai in Japan studied the ways that germanium affects the human body for his entire academic life, and developed an organic germanium compound that became used as a treatment for terminal illnesses.

Organic germanium is synthesized that inorganic germanium comes into the plants or microorganisms and combines with proteins or organic materials in body. Germanium is a semiconductor, and the blood and the cells in the human body have semiconductor properties, so organic germanium does not accumulate in the body over the long term but gets discharged. Inorganic germanium can never be consumed, but can be applied to the skin for pain relief and other medical applications.

Many researchers have reported that germanium is contained in various plants. Cultivated ginseng, wild ginseng, garlic, youngji mushroom, aloe, and the mushroom all have a certain amount of germanium. Germanium is contained in soil, and small quantities are found also in famous medicinal waters. It has been reported that the natural spring water in Lourdes, France has 5-8 ppb of Germanium.


A bacteriostatic agent called Somelite™ (This is made by plating silver onto coral and silica sands) is used in the Mineral Pot filter systems.

As in nature the longer the water in a spring source is in contact with the earth’s energies and elemental rock base the healthier it becomes. The Somelite™ is kiln fired and used as a bio-ceramic activating stage located in the reservoir, creating a living environment for the filtered water ensuring freshness and great taste as in seen in nature.  Somelite™ also prevents bacterial propagation, solving one the biggest problems with many types of water filters.

Far Infra-red Technology

Waters Co Mineral Pots feature Far Infrared Ceramics, which are made from a mixture of various metals and non-metal elements that have been treated at a temperature of between 900º-1300ºC. In the resulting ceramic, Ki (Chi or life energy) is generated, which is absorbed and stored in water. Drinking water is thus synonymous to drinking Ki.

Furthermore, far infrared rays are also emitted. The far infrared ray is the ray with the biggest wavelength of all infrared rays.  Infrared has a larger wavelength than the red area of the visible rays, and has significant thermal effects. It is transparent, easily absorbed into substances, and is characterized by its strength in resonance with the molecules of the organic compounds. If light has a short wavelength, it reflects well, if the wavelength is long, then it is easily absorbed into the object it reaches, and therefore it has a sharp penetration, which causes the body to warm up when exposed to this kind of light. This type of heat thermal treatment helps to remove pathogenic germs that are sources of various diseases. It expands the capillary vessel that helps with blood circulation and the generation of cell structure. Moreover, when the proteins and water molecules that makes up a cell get exposed to this type of light, the molecules vibrate minutely at a rate of 2000 times per minute, which in turn effectively activates the cell system that practically prevents aging, accelerates the body metabolism, which aids recovery from chronic fatigue and prevents adult diseases. Also, it accelerates perspiration and circulation, relieves pain, gets rid of heavy metals, helps sleep, helps deodorization, prevents the growth of bacteria or fungus, helps to dehumidify, helps air purification and has so many other properties that is used widely in many areas.

Summary of the effects of far infra-red ray:

  • Production of Ki (Chi or life energy)
  • Increase in physiological activity
  • Regulates Perspiration
  • Relieves pain
  • Removes heavy metals from cells
  • Helps sleep
  • Effective deodorization (Bacteriostatic)
  • Suppress germ growth
  • De-humidifying property
  • Air purification
  • Slightly alkalising

Negative Ion Water

There are more than 1500-2000 particle anions/cm3 (Negative Ions) in the WATERS Bio Mineral Pot water purifier systems.

What are anions (Negative Ions) and their influence on health?

1. Generation of anions (Negative Ions)

There are very weakly charged positive and negative ions dispersed in the air. A German physicist named Philip Lenard discovered that when water drops from a height and collides with the water’s surface, a layer of electricity is formed around the dispersed molecules during the collision and due to this property, an anion (Negative Ion) is generated, giving the surrounding air layer a minute negative charge. This phenomenon was named the Lenard air effect and the discovery of anions earned Lenard the 1907 Nobel Prize in physics. There are lots of anions in the air found in forests, around waterfalls, in grasslands, water fountains/features and at the beach. When people come into contact with these sorts of environments, they feel refreshed. There are stones in the mountains that generate many anions. In cells, anions combine ions with active acids, which reduces the generation of toxic active acids.

In air, ions are created by various sources. A state of equilibrium is maintained through constant creation and decomposition.

2. Areas with abundant anions.

According to many reviews and reports, there are particular areas in nature where large quantities of anions are dispersed.

As can be seen from in the summary given below, anions are particularly abundant in areas with high water dispersion.

Anions are:

  • Nearly non-existent in offices.
  • Approximately 5,000 – 20,000 particles/cm3 around waterfalls.
  • Approx. 10,000 – 15,000 particles/cm3 around water fountains
  • Approx. 2,000 particles/cm3 in mountain forests
  • Approx. 2,500 particles/cm3 in mountain valleys

There are more than 1500-2000 particle anions/cm3 in the WATERS water purifier.

3. The comparison between the effects of anion (Negative Ions) and cation (Positive Ions) on the human body

According to various reports, anions (Negative Ions) are beneficial to the body but cation (Positive Ions) has very adverse effects on our body.  This is summarised in the following report.

The effects of anion and cation

  •  Anions stabilise the blood pressure, while cation increases the blood pressure.
  •  Anions reduce blood sugar levels, while cation increases blood sugar.
  •  Anions strengthen heart motions, while cation weakens it.
  •  Anions stabilise the respiration, while cation makes respiration more difficult.
  •  Anions help us to recover from fatigue, while cation worsens it.

If cation accumulates in our body, our physical constitution becomes acidic, and this brings about various illnesses and early aging. When the weather deteriorates, the cation level increases. As a result, our body becomes more acidic due to increases in cation, and this results in the various negative effects on the body. In fine weather, the anions increase the body’s energy, vitality is regenerated and the body’s strength is revived. With the increase of anions, the body’s physiology becomes active, the immune system (a true self-healing system) strengthens, and cell activity is revitalised. The metabolism is also revitalised, making health stronger. These are the reasons why forests and gardens with many unpolluted trees can help us to recover from diseases. The anions are absorbed in our body, and play the role of neutralising active acids, ensuring the generation of beneficial, vital energy in our body.

4. Benefits of anion to the human body

Strengthens the immune system.

Anions vitalise cells in the whole body and increase the immunoglobulin that strengthens the immune system.

Provides oxygen to cells

Anions act upon the cell membrane, and provide nutrients and oxygen to the cells, discharging carbon dioxide and other wastes.

Blood Purification

Healthy blood has pH of approximately 7.4. Anions change acidic blood to the basic level that is found in a healthy person’s body.

Helps recovery from fatigue

When anions are absorbed into the body, the body fluid vitalises the body’s metabolism, resulting in the decomposition of fatigue-causing substances that are accumulated in the body. This helps us to recover from fatigue.

Stabilises the autonomic nerve system

Autonomic nerves govern the body’s organs.  The nerves that vitalise organ activity are known as sympathetic nerves, and the nerves that suppress organ activities are parasympathetic nerves. Anions act upon these autonomic nerves and stabilize their activities.

Improves the allergic conditions

It is verified that anions are beneficial treatment for allergies of the respiratory system. Anions affect the autonomic nerves that strengthen against allergies and improve the physical constitution, hence the popularity of air ionisers & salt crystal lamps.

Magnetised Water

Magnetising water is one of the most important functions of the Mineral Pot filter. Many years of research has proven the benefits of magnets and magnetising to our health, for pain relief and more.

A simple study to show the benefits of magnetised water is to take two identical plants, feed one the magnetised Mineral Pot Water and the other Tap Water and see the difference in health & growth (Many progressive farmers are magnetising their water supplies for greater crop yeilds)

Magnetised water’s biological effects:

  • Promotes growth, fitness and metabolism.
  • Strengthens the resistance of the living body due to its high activation in the body.
  • Helps with digestion and the helps bowel activities.
  • Prevents or treats gallstones and urolith (Urinary tract stones) generation.
  • Helps to discharge bodily waste and increases liver function.
  • Maintains the tears, sweat, saliva, and the intestinal fluid.
  • Suppresses germ growth.
  • Solubility, cohesion, and conductivity are increased.
  • Maintains longer cohesion.
  • Magnetised water does not evaporate easily.
  • Due to its molecular structure being densely crowded, it is slow to freeze and slow to melt.
  • Due to its particular molecular structure, concentrated water colonies are formed.
  • Cancer preventative. Water treated at the N Pole creates a higher ratio of hexagonal water. Therefore,   there are reports that claim it suppresses the growth of cancer cells.
  • Create more hexagonal micro-clustered water.

How Does Magnetising Work?

Magnetised water is water made from the magnetic field from magnets. Let us discuss little bit about magnets. All magnets have a N pole and an S pole. In 1930, it was proved that the line of induction exits from the S pole, reenters in the middle and exits again from the middle and reenters through the N pole again.

When making magnetised water, the N pole must be used. The N pole of the magnets improves work efficiency, promotes the metabolism, has healing effects, relieves pain, is useful for the treatment of allergies and is good for calming the emotions.

The method for making magnetised water is based on the principle that water molecules become smaller by going through the process of hydrogen separation and recombination when the water flows through a powerful magnetic field. If water is placed above a magnet or allowed to flow through a magnetic field, electricity occurs in the water when the water flows through the magnetic field, by which the water gets ionised and becomes magnetised water. When a magnetic field is applied to water, changes in its physical property, magnetic susceptibility, light absorption, viscosity coefficient, electrical resistance and surface tension take place.

When water is placed on the N pole, the surface tension of the water increases, the structure of water becomes more elaborate and its density increases. When S pole is used, the opposite happens. For example, an amount of water consists of 10~14 molecules of water per cluster. When this water is magnetised, the cluster size gets smaller, with 6~10 elements per cluster. Magnetic fields, without help from any other inorganic substances, change the disposition of water molecules that form clusters. Magnetised water activates the cellular tissues in the human body that in turn promote the metabolism. If this kind of water is consumed, the magnetic energy, namely “Ki water” is consumed.

Safe Storage Environment

Once the water has been filtered it is of critical importance that it is kept in a vessel that will not contaminate it.

Waters Co use a number of different reservoir technologies as appropriate to each products purpose. Most importantly they are BPA (Bisphenol A) free an non leeching. Below is a list of the types of reservoirs used and which models they are designated to.

Bio Ceramic Reservoir. Auto plumbed in

WATERS Bio Ceramic Jade (Thousand-Years-Fountain-water-purifier) is world’s only water purifier made from ceramic. Ceramic is made from a mixture of various metals and non-metal elements that have the potential of generating Ki (Otherwise known as Chi or life energy). The ceramic substance is treated (Kiln fired) at a temperature of over 900?-1300? polished, retreated to the same temperatures and polished again. As mentioned previously, in ceramic, Ki is generated, which is absorbed and stored in water. Drinking water is thus synonymous to drinking Ki. Furthermore, the far infrared ray is also transmitted.

Glass Reservoir. 5,10 litre and H&C model

Unlike many competitor products, which use a plasic or perspex reservoir in bench top & commercial filters. Our bench top range BMP 400 (5 litre), BMP 1000 (10 litre) and Commercial BMP H&C Floor Standing all use hand blown blue glass reserviors.

Glass is a much better medium for storing water:

  • More natural than Plastics & Perspex
  • Helps to maintain a lower ambient temperature in warmer climates.
  • Non Porous
  • Does not harbour bacteria & viruses
  • Easier to clean
  • Not affected by detergents & cleaning products
  • Provides UV filtration from sunlight
  • Aesthetically more attractive

Perspex Reservoir. 1.5 litre jug

The 1.5 litre BMP Ace jug is made from Perspex which has glass like qualities without the fragility of glass. Perspex is BPA free, hard wearing, resistent to heat & detergents.

PET 1 & Tritan. Waterman Portable

All Waterman units produced prior to Oct 2012 have a PET1 reservior which is a food grade plastic and is certified BPA free.

Waterman Units produced Post Oct 2012 have a reservior made using Triton, which is harder wearing, more resistent to heat, detergents and most importantly is still BPA free.