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ACE Super mineral pot 1.5L and The Waterman

We have used the Waterman jugs on a daily basis for several years now. We find they remove all chemical or foreign tastes and certainly any sediment from the water used – be it town supply or the most brackish river water that we had to use when living on a farm in Northland.

Last year we took the large ACE Super Mineral Pot with us to Bali, Indonesia and drank the local water with no problems while other people around us had to buy bottled or became sick.

Both my wife, our children and myself now find it difficult to drink other water as once it is filtered through the mineral core it becomes refreshing and replenishing in a way that is superior to any other water but difficult to define: it just ‘feels’ and tastes better to drink.

Just as we have done to many family and friends: we highly recommend this product – no matter where you live or what water you are drinking.

J Ryan