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Children’s comments: “The water is soo smooth”, “it tastes really nice”… And I love this one, “Mum, that was money well spent!“


I have other people in the house that used to get Eczema, their Eczema is also totally gone, and now all my Eczema is gone


she found that the Waters Mineral water helped her itching problem whenever she rubbed it on her skin.

Mrs Im

…the waist pain had completely disappeared… I truly believe that I got well because of drinking the water…

Kim Sook

Our family is sold on the Mineral Pot… I am not one to BRAG about a product – but I am delighted with the difference it has made my family


…after two months of drinking the filtered mineral water of the Waters Mineral Pot, I began to change my [skeptical] opinion.

Mrs Yeom

Since we purchased the Jade ceramic water purifier… I am much more hydrated and can really feel the water detoxifying my body quickly.

E Andrew

Thanks to the fluoride master and pure master I am no longer cold… mood has improved and my… dry heels have improved significantly