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Mineral Shower

I have suffered a skin complaint for several years and as I had already purchased a mineral pot from Waters Company, I asked their advice on my skin condition. Although I did notice an improvement, I was still not satisfied and felt there must be another reason why it was not clearing as quickly and completely as I would have liked.  The skin condition was acne and as you could quite imagine it was both painful and embarrassing.  The acne would just keep flaring up all the time, I had tried almost everything I thought possible on the market and the skin specialist’s advice and still it got worse.

So, I purchased a water purifier for the shower (Mineral Shower) and I was advised only to wash my skin with this and not with water from the tap or use anything with chemicals at all.  After about a week, I noticed an improvement and my face was not so sore, I kept my fingers crossed because acne can come at any stage and with a vengeance.   I was still not convinced.  Another 2 weeks passed and the acne had all but disappeared and people were commenting on how my skin had improved, I was really happy as I have had this condition for 5 years.

Now a couple of months have gone by and my skin is still good, no ACNE, I can’t believe it, sure I will still get the odd pimple but I think I can live with that.

I can now thank Waters company for all the advice and the reading material they gave me on what is in my water and how this was contributing to my skin condition, you can now see my smile and my great skin!!!!!!