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Water Filters

Three weeks ago I had water filters installed to filter water from our town supply.  I am very pleased with the filters, the friendly and informative service from Health Products and their recommended Installer.

We chose the:

  • PureMaster (whole house filtration)
  • FluorideMaster  (whole house filtration)
  • And the Ceramic Jade Mineral Pot (plumbed into our kitchen providing continuous flow of mineralised, alkaline and many other goodies for drinking water)

The PureMaster and FluorideMaster

It has been reassuring to know that all of the taps in the house, and the garden hose that waters our food provides filtered water.

We have noticed the shower water is softer and also gentle on your skin and hair.

And that drinking water, brushing teeth, washing hands etc from the bathroom taps is with filtered water. Our bathrooms are upstairs, away from the kitchen, so access to water from the bathroom taps provides filtered water.

The Ceramic Jade Mineral Pot

All of our drinking and cooking water comes from the Ceramic Jade Mineral Pot.  It is pretty special !

The children and I are drinking more water than we ever have and it is so easy and enjoyable to drink.  Some of the comments the children have made about the water from the ceramic pot are:

“The water is soo smooth”

“it tastes really nice”

“It’s just the right temperature”

And I love this one, “ Mum, that was money well spent ! “

I am more than happy in recommending Phil and his team at Health Products.  He is open to questions and has plenty of experience and information when it comes to helping you choose the right water filter for your home, business and budget.

Many thanks to you all at Health Products