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Mineral Pot

Shortly after giving birth to my child, I did not feel well at all. I did not have much energy to do anything and I felt totally lethargic. Consequently, I did not exercise and the pounds accumulated. My doctor was worried as my waistline was rapidly expanding. The added weight resulted in other health problems. A disk problem in my back soon followed. Realizing the seriousness of my situation, I decided to start walking to get rid of the extra weight that I was carrying around. But that attempt to get serious was futile as five minutes of walking only left winded and completely exhausted. Afterwards I had no energy to do my everyday housework. I also was not much help to my husband who works as a minister. Day by day and little by little my health deteriorated. Nothing I did worked. And I was becoming more discouraged by the bulging waistline. I became so depressed because I looked older than I was.

One day at church, a parishioner mentioned something to me about the Mineral Pot Water. When I heard about it the first time, something inside – call it women’s intuition if you will – left me feeling elated and happy for the first time in a long, long time. I felt that I had finally found what I was looking for.

After buying the Mineral Pot. I drank the water non-stop. I drank it when I first woke up in the morning and I continued drinking it throughout the day until I went to bed at night. After a week had passed. I could not feel as much pain in my waist. I could not believe it. After a month had passed, it seemed that the waist pain had completely disappeared. Now I feel better than ever and am on the road to a complete recovery. I truly believe that I got well because of drinking the water of Waters Company. I will always swear by this product as it has enabled me to live again. I am proud of myself because I feel so good. Thank you Waters Company.

Kim Sook