The Health Products Affiliate Programme enables you to earn a commission for every customer who makes a successful purchase from your referral! You can also refer more affiliates, and earn commission for each sales made through them, and through the affiliates they in turn recruit – a great way to multiply your earnings!

Affiliate means to be associated or connected. Affiliate programmes are a bit like a partnership, (although not in the sense of a legal partnership).

It is an innovative and convenient way to expand business and markets. Sometimes affiliate programmes are referred to as associate, partner or referral programmes.

When considering involvement as an affiliate the question may arise as to whether to be a reseller or an affiliate.

An affiliate simply acts as a marketing tool to refer business and keeps a percentage of the sale while a reseller actually sells the products (which they have purchased from Health Products) and keeps 100% of the profit.

A reseller provides all services for their customers as they would their own business such as ordering, delivery and normal customer service.

An affiliate’s involvement, on the other hand, ends once the visitor leaves their site, aside from collecting the commission on any successful sale made as a result of the referral.

For more information on our Affiliate programme, please feel free to contact us direct on freephone  0800 928 377, or complete our contact form.

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